Artist Background

Rachel Farabaugh is an artist & entrepeneur dedicated to overseeing a multitude of creative enterprises she has created over the past ten years. As a trained artist and graphic designer, she is able to express ideas quickly across a wide variety of creative outlets. She is happiest when she is creative directing projects for her clients, illustrating books, traveling, photographing wild animals, making jewelry, designing apparel for fashion brands and drawing in her sketch books. Dreams and writing play an important role in her inspiration and she keeps extensive dream journals of stories and ideas that she brings to life through her work as an artist.


“I believe that dreams are a bridge into our hidden unconscious existence where imagination and reality are the same. Having the ability to capture and share these visions through creativity turns our DREAMS into something tangible and Alive in this world.”


Bohemi+Chic is a full service creative boutique based out of Los Angeles that specializes in designing brands, products and websites for retail and eCommerce clients around the world. With over ten years of experience in the graphic design industry, Rachel has worked with an extensive number of clients in all backgrounds. The main focus is within the fashion industry as well as with brands such as Hallmark.

Sleepy Sunshine Publications was born in 2011 after the completion of Rachel’s first children’s book, Huffy Puffy Cloud. Her mission is to provide visually intelligent stories with lessons on love, kindness, imagination and our connection to the natural world. The books are designed to appeal to both children and adults through the use of vibrant illustrations and poetic rhymes.

Bohemian Dreamer is a fashion and lifestyle brand that stocks Rachel’s handmade line of prints, jewelry, apparel and other creations that are available for purchase. Her inspiration for the brand comes from traveling around the world collecting textiles and artifacts that she uses in her collections. Her passion for beauty, adventure and spiritual enlightment are all present in her Bohemian Dreamer creations.


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